A lot of recipes not recognized (Cooking) #1710

  • painstorm created this issue Nov 25, 2016

    See screenshot

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    ARL Cooking

    A lot of recipes not recognized?

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  • resa1983 posted a comment Nov 30, 2016

    Skillet is showing the Learned tab, which isn't helpful.

    ARL's functionality doesn't show both rank 2 & 3 if they're both missing, but will only show rank 2 (as you can't learn rank 3 without rank 2 first), and as soon as you learn rank 2, ARL will show rank 3.


    Also, try updating to the latest alpha of ARL_Cooking, because I know I pushed some new recipes that were added with the last major patch.. I don't think I pushed them to release as I was doing a review of all modules and fixing acquire locations and such.

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  • painstorm posted a comment Dec 1, 2016

    Ah okay, didn't know that ARL actually looked at the ranks too.

    I just thought that once you've learned rank 1 of a recipe, ARL would consider it as "learned".


    It would be really awesome if ARL would show the rank missing too :)

    Like "Crispy Bacon (rank 1)" or "Salt and Pepper Shank (rank 3)".

    That way you could very easily see if you are missing the recipe completely, or you are just missing the upgraded versions of that recipe.

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  • resa1983 posted a comment Dec 1, 2016

    We pull the spell name directly from the game client, and unfortunately the rank number isn't included in that..  We can consider adding it, but it would be quite a bit of work. It all depends on the time of another author who just got his first day off in 6 months on Friday last week (7 days a week for 6 months).

    So for now, I'll add that as a possible update for future, and we'll see if he can do it with his time constraints.  :)

    Edited Dec 1, 2016
  • painstorm posted a comment Dec 3, 2016

    Yeah, I understand it's not an easy fix, especially since you guys are doing it in your (limited) spare time :)

    Another, and maybe easier/better way to do it, could be to add an "Ignore ranks" setting.

    When enabled and you learn rank 1 of a recipe, ARL will consider it as "learned", disregarding any possible higher ranks.


    The reason why I want to ignore/hide the higher ranks is, that I will probably never ever get them since they require an insane amount of crafts, and they bring very little reward compared to that.

    I'm quite happy just knowing the recipe (rank 1), so that I can at least make the item if needed.

    Edited Dec 3, 2016

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