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  • bsmorgan created this issue Jul 31, 2016

    What is the issue?

    Skillet isn't ready for prime time yet (I am the author working on that).

    When people have the Skillet addon installed, it is possible to display the Blizzard TradeSkill UI frame under various circumstances. When this happens, the ARL "Scan" button doesn't appear on the Blizzard TradeSkill frame. The "Scan" button does appear (as a sub-button of the "Plugin" button) on the Skillet frame.

    I not sure what we should do here. I don't know if you can add the "Scan" button to the Blizzard frame easily when Skillet decides to display it instead of its own frame. If you can't do that easily would Skillet have to do it? Let me know what you think the best course of action is, please.

  • bsmorgan added the tags New Other Jul 31, 2016
  • Torhal posted a comment Aug 3, 2016

    Under which circumstances would Skillet display the default frame instead of its own? I never thought I'd see that day when that was a thing. :)

  • bsmorgan posted a comment Aug 3, 2016

    The most obvious example is Death Knight Runeforging. Another example is Illusions. The general case is a shift-click of a tradeskill button and Skillet will display the default Blizzard frame instead of its own.

    Blizzard added features to their 7.0 TradeSkill frame that currently have no equivalent in Skillet. Examples are learned/unlearned, upgradeable recipes, expanded filtering. Unless Skillet can handle every feature introduced by Blizzard, there may be more of a need to use both frames.

    I discovered (by accident) that if you set the filtering in the Blizzard frame, it would carry over to the Skillet frame. I believe I've fixed this bug but it is easily turned into a feature!

    Skillet alpha build r496 is getting pretty close if you want to play with it.

    I opened this "other" issue because I don't know if having the "Scan" button on both frames is a problem for you or not. I figured we could discuss it and together determine the best course of action.

  • Torhal posted a comment Aug 3, 2016

    @bsmorgan: Go

    I'm really not sure what to do in that case, since neither of those are anything ARL even cares about. I'll have to think on it.

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