Request for TradeSkillMaster ItemString Export #1687

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Assigned to torhal
  • TheMuffinMan created this issue Jan 12, 2016

    How critical is fixing this defect?
    It is a "would be nice" =)

    Please provide any additional information below:
    This would be an export of the recipe/formula/schematic item ids (NOT spell ids)

    The TSM string format is like this:


    It is basically a comma separated list of recipe item ids where each one is prefixed by i:

    We would love for people to be able to export their missing recipes and then be able to import them into TradeSkillMaster.  Right now they only way to do it is via Wowhead Profiles/Desktop Client.

    Thanks for any consideration!

    P.S.  Is the currently active filter supposed to filter the text dump?  It doesn't appear to be working much if at all.  If it is I can make another ticket.  Thanks again!

  • TheMuffinMan added the tags New Enhancment Jan 12, 2016

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