Horde recipes appearing for Alliance character #1680

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Assigned to torhal
  • tacliat created this issue Jun 20, 2015

    ARL Revision:

    Are you running Skillet/ATSW or any other tradeskill mods?

    What is the in-game error you received (DON'T INCLUDE A LIST OF ADDONS YOU ARE RUNNING, PLEASE)?
    not an error, just, recipes that shouldn't be showing up are, specifically the Barbaric Iron recipes

    What did you do with ARL to cause the error/problem?
    Scan blacksmith recipes

    Are you running with libraries embedded or disembeded?

    How critical is fixing this defect?
    not critical

    Please provide any additional information below:

  • tacliat added the tags New Defect Jun 20, 2015
  • tacliat added an attachment WoWScrnShot_062015_143910.jpeg Jun 20, 2015


    <p>Filters Screen</p>

  • tacliat added an attachment WoWScrnShot_062015_143920.jpeg Jun 20, 2015


    <p>Acquisition screen</p>

  • tacliat posted a comment Jun 20, 2015

    Oh, and they are only showing up int the acquisition  tab.

  • Torhal posted a comment Jun 20, 2015

    @tailcat: Go

    Which recipes? And do your filters look like this? https://www.dropbox.com/s/ikc5fmi7hs2hehq/Screenshot%202015-06-20%2016.09.06.png?dl=0

    If you don't have Alliance checked, and you're seeing those, we need to know which ones so we have a baseline to investigate with.

  • tacliat posted a comment Jun 20, 2015

    <<reply 2589348>>

    attached.  The recipes shown are the ones that shouldn't be there.

    Edited Jun 20, 2015
  • Torhal posted a comment Jun 20, 2015

    @tailcat: Go

    The recipe doesn't seem to be BoP, which means it can be obtained via the auction house. We could probably make that more clear, and/or come up with a way to filter those out. (I only looked at the first one - I'm assuming the others are similar, but if not they can be fixed.)

    Edited Jun 20, 2015

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