Feature: Coloring of recipes on vendors/AH #1666

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Assigned to torhal
  • _ForgeUser5063312 created this issue Dec 29, 2014

    It would be nice when you browse through vendors or the AuctionHouse, that the icon of recipes would color.  Blue for already having it, green for being able to learn it and safe to purchase, red for recipes you can't learn yet or don't have the profession.  I don't know any addon (that is updated to work with WOD) that does this, it would be a great help to make buying recipes a lot faster.

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  • DrakmaKM posted a comment Jan 9, 2015

    Hi, there was "profession vault" that was colouring the recipes and I found an even older addon for that. Both of them are broken right now and it does seem that they will not be updated. It would therefore be very cool if you could add such a feature! Thanks in advance. Drak

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