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Supported WoW Classic Versions

  • 1.13.5


*3.09.41 (08-OCT-2020)*
* note - all tradeskill data has been erased.  please login to each character to update its data
* fixed - issue with tooltips for currencies that are actually reputations
* fixed - issue with restack topup for the bank
* fixed - issue with config menu when mounts are not being monitored
* fixed - issue with backpack currency token display
* fixed - (classic) backpack currency tokens were getting enabled
* fixed - issue with LDB objects when their location isnt being monitored
* fixed - issue with LDB pet object tooltip
* fixed - issue with LDB pet object OnClick when only one pet was selected or owned
* fixed - isuse with unusable tint on heirlooms
* fixed - issue with tooltip item counts when enabling/disabling the monitor state of a location
* fixed - issue with item links from void storage in chat
* fixed - issue with dropdown menus closing when they shouldnt
* fixed - issue with search window not updating
* fixed - issue with search window query still running after window is closed
* changed - entries in config > profiles > controls and toggle location are now sorted alphabetically (you can sort them numerically under config > advanced > other > ui if you prefer it the old way)
* changed - config > general > professions options moved to config > profiles > controls > professions
* changed - tradeskill monitor state defaulted to disabled
* added - paragon reward alert message
* added - tooltip item counts for professions
* note - will only really work once the professions for that character have been scanned
* note - an item that can be created by a profession will show the profession name next to the characters that can create it
* note - a recipe link will show either "Learned" or "Unlearned" next to the characters that have the tradeskill
* note - theres no recipe to enchant data at the moment, i have to go look all that up at some point
* added - config > general > junk > soulbound > already known - to disable soulbound already known recipes being categorised as junk
* added - config > general > junk > soulbound > equipment - to disable soulbound unusable equipment being categorised as junk

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