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    Sep 23, 2020
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Supported WoW Classic Versions

  • 1.13.5


*3.09.39 (24-SEP-2020)*
* fixed - issue with the mouseover tooltip of another players pet (i may have broken this with all the new code, having issues finding other players with pets out to confirm if its working ok)
* fixed - tooltip auto reloads should be less intrusive and only apply to toolotips that require an item count to be generated
* fixed - issue with LDB reputation object generating an error
* fixed - issue with currency location keybinding
* fixed - (classic) issue with keybindings for locations that dont exist in classic (you'll get a warning message)
* fixed - issue with tint unusable
* fixed - the config option text for monitor and save data have been corrected to no longer state they are per character.  i updated the matching translations but i may have botched them.  feel free to let me know the correct text
* fixed - issue with battletpet hyperlink not displaying properly in the pet battle upgrade alert
* fixed - issue with battlepet health value
* fixed - issue with elite / legendary / trainer battlepet displayed data and on mouseover
* fixed - issue with SetBuybackItem
* fixed - issue with SetAuctionSellItem
* fixed - cater for removal of ExpandCurrencyList
* changed - toc file order, add/remove files - do NOT upgrade with the game running
* changed - transmog icons made a bit more visible (i still think they could be better)
* added - (retail) profession scanning (disabled by default, doesnt do much at the moment, just scans)
* added - config options for profession scanning - if you enable it there is a fair amount of debug output at the moment
* added - API funtions as a workaround for AllTheThings to hook so it can handle the tooltip reloads
* added - (Shadowlands) if you click on the anima deposit button while mounted an error message will be displayed to remind you that it wont work while mounted (i keep forgetting)

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