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Supported WoW Classic Versions

  • 1.13.5


*3.09.36 (15-SEP-2020)*
* fixed - issue with mailbox location keybinding
* fixed - issue with level 1 menus going off screen
* fixed - (classic) issue with repuation not updating when you close the repuation window
* fixed - (classic) issue with client detection code
* fixed - issue with tooltips (eg achievement, and others) closing at the first refresh
* fixed - issue with not being able to find an item/spell on certain tooltips
* fixed - tooltip reload code rebuilt to make it more reliable
* fixed - issue with SetCurrencyByID
* fixed - issue with SetBagItem
* fixed - issue with SetInboxItem (mostly with battlepets)
* fixed - any open menus are now close when edit mode is toggled
* fixed - issue where azerite items were categorised as junk if you didnt have the heart equipped
* fixed - saving/deleting an equipment set in itemrackoptions will now trigger an item cache clear to re-categorise the items
* fixed - issue with item cache being cleared on some bag updates when it didnt need to be
* fixed - issue with search window not showing any names when first opened
* fixed - issue with an empty row at the top of the search list
* fixed - issue where items were categorised as junk if they had low durability
* fixed - removed Scrap_Merchant as an optional dependency (it wasnt needed)
* fixed - issue with ItemRefTooltip not auto refreshing item counts
* changed - you can now enable auto-sell on system categories (at your own risk)
* changed - edit mode: item menu updated to allow access to its category options
* changed - LDB menus (pet, mount, reputation) can now be accessed from their respective windows main menu in the event you dont have an LDB display mod installed
* changed - the reputation format token *bp* generates an integer (no decimal places).  if you want 1 or 2 decimal places use *bp1* or *bp2*
* note - where an item is a hand-in for more than one reputation only the first match (its semi-random) is displayed.  i'll try to find a way to display all of them but that might mean a very large tooltip
* changed - LDB currency module now uses a heirarchical menu
* changed - LDB reputation module now uses a heirarchical menu
* changed - clicking empty space anywhere inside the window will now close any menus that are open
* changed - search window is now threaded (will take a bit longer to populate but wont lock up the game)
* added - backwards support for Battle Pet BreedID mod (until they update)
* added - backwards support for skinning addons that rely on the frame name (i think it will work)
* added - edit mode: visual feedback when drag and dropping bars
* added - edit mode: visual feedback when drag and dropping items
* added - edit mode: with ALT down, dragging a bar and dropping it onto another bar will move all categories on the source bar to the destination bar
* added - edit mode: with ALT down, dragging an item and dropping it onto another item will assign the (non rule) category of the destination item to the source item
* updated - internal periodictable data

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