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    Aug 30, 2020
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Supported WoW Classic Versions

  • 1.13.5


*3.09.34 (30-AUG-2020)*
* fixed - issue with border edge size not refreshing when changed
* fixed - issue with borders not displaying properly due to incorrect framelevel
* fixed - cater for more than the current three backpack currency elements (if added by other mods, or blizzard change it)
* fixed - issue with auto sell not running when the Extended Vendor UI addon was loaded
* fixed - issue with some of the LDB modules (eg currency) displaying in classic when they shouldnt
* fixed - LDB module for reputation should now display in classic
* added - category: consumable > anima
* changed - equip location sorting has been changed from alphabetical to the slot order on the character pane
* changed - if using another mod for scrap/junk selling the ai options will be disabled to make it more obvious that they arent being used
* changed - cater for MAX_CONTAINER_ITEMS being removed as a global
* changed - (shadowlands) removed achievement requirements for flight in legion and draenor
* changed - internal code for handling the different client types (retail/classic, ptr/beta)
* changed - reputation location icon changed to one that works in classic as well

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