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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Alt-Tab Toggle (ATT) will force WoW to the foreground on events when you're alt-tabbed. Optionally you can choose to only play a sound when one of these events fire. Then you can tab back into WoW at your leisure.

Events that ATT will toggle include

  • Auctioneer scan, search and post complete [W]
  • BankStack complete [W]
  • BG Deserter debuff expire,
  • BG idle debuff,
  • BG gates opening
  • Duel request (2.1.5beta),
  • Dungeon Deserter/Cooldown debuff expire
  • Enemy detected,
  • Enter Battleground window,
  • Enter combat,
  • Flight land,
  • Group invite,
  • Group ready check,
  • LFG boot proposal,
  • LFG enter proposal,
  • LFG role check,
  • Mailbox, finished looting (2.1.7beta) [W]
  • Resurrection request (2.1.2beta)
  • Summon request,
  • Trade skill finish crafting [W]
  • Whispers,
  • Wintergrasp Starting,
  • Zeppelin arrival

[W] = window mode only

Leave a ticket if you have another event that should be added.

Q) How does ATT bring WoW to the foreground?
A) ATT uses a console command gxRestart that inadvertently causes WoW to jump to the foreground (in full screen mode).
Q) I'm in window mode and WoW's not coming up.
A) Unfortunately the console gxRestart command doesn't work in window mode. You'll have to use the alert sound.
Q) I'm in window mode and ATT's alerting when I'm not alt tabbed.
A) The Alt-Tab Detection is giving false positive. This usually happens to slow PCs or under heavy load (-10FPS). If this is causing problems, turn off Alt-Tab Detection and manually activate ATT by typing /att before you alt tab out.
Q) How does Alt-Tab Detection work?
A 1) When fullscreen WoW loses focus, frames stop updating. ATT checks if it's been 5+ seconds since the last frame update.
A 2) When windowmode WoW loses focus, FPS drops to -10, ATT checks if your FPS has dropped below 10 for over 5 seconds. this could give false positives on slow PCs.
Q) What does AFK Activate do?
A) AFK Activate is a old feature that activated ATT when you went /afk. Once you returned you could move/jump and ATT would deactivate. AFK Activate isn't needed now with Alt-Tab Detection.
Q) Will you add a toggle for the ingame alarm clock?
A) Currently not possible. When WoW loses focus frames stop firing OnUpdate. The alarm clock uses OnUpdate to fire the alarm.
Q) ATT caused WoW to crash and give error #132.
A) Checkout Blizzard's Error #132 page. If that doesn't help try enabling ATT's Sound Only option on.
Q) AddonUsage / TitanPerformance claims ATT is using lots of CPU usage, why?
A) The Ace3 libraries ATT uses are probably being used by other addons and ATT is getting the blame. Try downloading Ace3 separately from here and see if that helps.
Q) Are there alternatives to Alt-Tab Toggle?
A) Yes, LFGMaximizer, EventNotifier and AltTabber that I know of.

Discussion page: here


  • CUDiLLA - German (deDE) translator
  • kdw112 - Korean (koKR) translator
  • fxpark - Korean (koKR) translator
  • KAPMA - Russian (ruRU) translator
  • zhTW - Traditional Chinese (zhTW) translator
  • Mars1491 - Traditional Chinese (zhTW) translator

Translators needed - apply localizations here.

Donations welcome. There's a donate button here.

Bitcoin address: 13mvJMp8Z38SUAnZ4PgGpio5L2inqWQGsP


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