Aloft is an addon that allows you to customize and enchance how nameplates and nameplate casting bars appear in the game.

It is a fully self-contained addon, however it can take advantage of the following addons if they are installed:
1. MobHealth3 - Health text of mobs can be displayed right on the nameplate. Make sure you have r32001 of MobHealth3 or later

The customization options in Aloft allow you to change the size, shape, anchors, font, font options, textures and colors of:
1. Name text
2. Level Text
3. Health Bar
4. Cast Bar
5. Spell Icon
6. Boss Icon
7. Raid Icon
8. Mouseover Highlight

Aloft also enhances the display by providing options for: 1. Health text - you can display health percentage, health, or health deficit right on the nameplate
2. Spell name - Aloft will place the spell name right on the casting bar
3. Spell casting timer - Displays the remaining casting time
4. Combo points text - Displayed on target's nameplates for rogues and druids
5. Recently Damaged icon - Displays an icon next to any unit that has recently taken damage
6. Finer visibility control - A collection of options that give you specific control over which nameplates are shown - eg. You can hide friendly pets, out of guild players, and lots more
7. Guild Text - Show guild information right on the nameplate. Shows abbreviated forms by default.
8. Border and backdrop color
9. Comments - Show "Banker", "Flight Master" and other automatically gathered comments, or your own custom ones right on the nameplate
10. Mana Bar/Text - show group member mana, energy, rage
11. Combat Text - display all damage and healing done to group members or targets right on the plate.
12. Pets Owner's Names
13. Polymorph Timer bar
14. Undead shackle Timer bar
15. Unit Aliases

All of the additional options are written to require no additional overhead if they're not enabled.

Aloft is designed to be easily extensible. All of the functionality is separated into discrete modules which should make it relatively easy for people to tinker with adding their own functionality.

If you want additional texture options, make sure you install SharedMedia For additional font options, ClearFont2 and its fontpacks provide a number of extra font choices.

Aloft is still a work in progress.

I hope you enjoy it.

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