Automatically congratulate players when they earn an achievement.

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The Quick Intro

Accomplishment (noun) - "Something completed successfully; a goal reached."

This is a small addon with one purpose: to provide an easy way to congratulate someone, be they a guildie or a random stranger, when they earn an Achievement.


  • Auto-popup when an Achievement is unlocked by someone.
  • Left-click the name to congratulate the person.
  • Right-click the name to remove it from the list.
  • Clicking "Close" hides the window and removes all names from the list.
  • Window resizes whenever new names are added or removed. It starts off small and unobtrusive but gets bigger with each new name added.
  • Window can be moved about and remembers its position (saved in layout-local.txt).
  • Congratulatory message is customisable. Use %s where you want the user's name to appear (or not, if you wish).
  • If you prefer, you can choose to congratulate automatically instead of clicking a button.


An options panel can be found in-game by going to Interface -> AddOns -> Accomplishment.


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