WowAce Migration Issues

Hey guys!


Unfortunately, we make this post with great dispair. During the import of Wow Curseforge and WowAce data there was a blip in the system and project issues were damaged. While we did Q&A on the site before we started the migration we overlooked this as the data was damaged in such a way that a review could be passed without deep inspection of each issue. Do not fear however, none of your data was lost we will just need to take some time to import it again properly. We will be launching a new import of the data today, however it is a slow process to convert all of this data over to our new storage format and can take some time. At this point we are looking to have the data imported and verified by early next week. Due to the nature of how the data is imported we cannot enable the issue tracker until such time as the import is complete. Until then you will see a placeholder page in your settings and issues tab. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and hope that you find the new sites features, speed, and stability to be worth the trouble!