AdvancedDesc Advanced options for power users

AdvancedHeader Advanced Options (use at your own risk)

Alpha Opacity

AlphaDesc Configures the opacity of the totem bar.  When set to 1 the bar will be completely opaque and when set to 0 the bar will be invisible


AppearanceDesc Configure the appearance of the bar

AssignToCall Assign Totem

AssignToCallDesc Holding this button while left-clicking will assign the selected totem to the current Multicast spell.  If the totem already belongs to that multicast spell it will be removed from it. 

Bindings Behaviour

BindingsDesc Configure the behaviour of the buttons when clicked

BrokerLock Toggle bar locked/unlocked

BrokerOptions Right click for options

CastOnly Cast Only

CastOnlyDesc Holding this button while left-clicking will cast the selected spell, but will not change the order of the buttons

DeleteSetName Enter the name of the set to delete

EnableAdvanced Enable advanced features?

EnableAdvancedDesc Enables the use of the advanced features

EnableAutoSwap Auto swap buttons

EnableAutoSwapDesc When this is selected, casting a spell will also bring that spell to the front

EnableCallSwap Auto swap call spells

EnableCallSwapDesc When this is selected, casting a Multicast Spell (e.g. Call of the Elements) will bring all of the totems in that group to the front

EnableMacro Enable Macro

EnableMacroDesc Enables the creation of the Yata totem stomping macro

EnableTimers Enable Timers

EnableTimersDesc When checked, Yata will display timers and cooldowns for your totems

Gap Button Gap

GapDesc Changes the gap between the buttons

HD Horizontal bar, opens downwards

HideBar Hide the yata totem bar?

HideBarDesc When this is set yata will continue to function (timer bars and keybindings will still work) but the totem bar will not be displayed

HideIndicators Hide the multicast indicators?

HideIndicatorsDesc When this is set the indicator blocks will not be displayed on totems.  You will still be able to see which spells are in a multicast spell in the tooltip (if enabled) or by bringing the multicast spell to the front using the click binding

HU Horizontal bar, opens upwards

Lock Lock Frames

LockDesc Uncheck this to move the timer bars and totem bar


MacroDesc Configure the Yata totem stomping macro.  This macro will automatically update to always drop the visible totems in a sequence

MacroReset Macro Reset Button

MacroResetDesc Sets the button that will reset the cast sequence if the macro is clicked while the button is pressed