WeakAuras 2

40 - GCD timer for WA2

It would be cool to have a "GCD" (the little sandclock effect in the action bar, above all spells after using a spell).
Like this screenshots:

You can see that I'm using WeakAuras to show me which spell is to use right now in the correct moment.
The problem about this is, that I don't see the GCD. So I always have to spam,spam,spam the keys, so that I never miss the "milli second" to activate the spell. So I click like 4 times to much. Like 7 Times click, to activate a spell, instead of 2-3 times click to activate it.

So, I catched myself that I'm start looking again into my action bar at the bottom!
Just to see the GCD (sandclock) timer...

It would be cool if you could implement a GCD for those icons (see screenshots).
Like a checkbox for each spell, or better, a global checkbox, that activates the GCD for all those spell icons!

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  • Avatar of InfusOnWow InfusOnWow Feb 16, 2015 at 23:57 UTC - 0 likes

    The cooldown effect that is shown on the buttons is not by WeakAuras itself, but by either the default Blizzard cooldown spiral or OmniCC. OmniCC is by default configured to show only cooldowns longer than 1.5s, if you reduce that setting to 0, then I believe all cooldowns are shown.

  • Avatar of homezonebenny homezonebenny Jan 13, 2014 at 19:50 UTC - 0 likes

    There's a way, to enable GCD, but you have to make an extra icon for it. And so you have to do that for each icon itself... So it would be cool to have a "global checkbox" to enable, global CD for each icon as "standard". So that if you click a spell and the first item disapears, and another icon apears, you see the GCD on the 2nd icon. Because the first Icon disapeared after using the spell.

    When the 2nd icon disapeared, and a 3rd icon apears, you see the GCD on the 3rd icon. Then the 1st icon apears with GCD and so on. Hope it's clear what im trying to say :)

    Here an example for it (All images: http://imgur.com/ehyhoIi,5AOCA6I,XOwSPZd,uPhDkaG,ZcxZczE). 1st spell in order (Dragon):

    2nd spell in list:

    3rd spell in list (you see the GCD above, so you know when to click, you don't need to spam!):

    4th spell in list (same, you see GCD, no spaming needed):

    But then you see a GCD without anything:

    I just created a GCD Icon with "Mass ressurection" spell, so that all classes can use this.. So that I don't need to create a ton of extra GCDs. Here's the code for the GCD:


    That is actually the only solution I have... But what I try to say is, there should totally be a option, that you can enable "globally" for ALL "icon"s, a GCD. So the small icons on the left would have a GCD too, and the execute too! And you wouldn't have an empty GCD visible black thing, above nothing!

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