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4 - Load Condition for Boss name

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Grab UnitName("boss1") on the INSTANCE_ENCOUNTER_ENGAGE_UNIT event.

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- Grab UnitName("boss1") on the Intance_Encounter_Engaged Event.
+ Grab UnitName("boss1") on the INSTANCE_ENCOUNTER_ENGAGE_UNIT event.
Stanzilla Sep 20, 2013 at 23:55 UTC Changed name from Loaf Condition for Boss name to Load Condition for Boss name
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  • Avatar of mukunda mukunda Apr 24, 2015 at 15:13 UTC - 0 likes

    Thanks so much. I woke up this morning ready to checkout the repository to see if I could implement this myself. Last night I was getting quite a bit of frame lag in BRF, I have a lot of combat log parsing weakauras for that zone now and that was my primary suspect. This change will give me a lot more room to work with.

  • Avatar of mukunda mukunda Feb 18, 2015 at 21:07 UTC - 0 likes

    It's quite a bit easier to make "Every Frame" auras rather than efficient auras for boss specific trackers. I would certainly sleep easier if these were loaded per-boss! I wouldn't consider this a super high priority though since you can still load by zone.

    Last edited Feb 18, 2015 by mukunda
  • Avatar of Tercioo Tercioo Feb 17, 2015 at 20:54 UTC - 0 likes

    Changing my initial suggestion about the dropbox, i think is best indeed to have a text entry and add small [?] icon in the right with a tooltip on hovering over showing the encounter ids. Pretty simple to dump the ids there and doesn't have the responsibility to always be up to date.

    edit: Ugly workaround for the disconnect but should work is when the encounter start save the entire guid of npcs on boss frames if any aura is using encounter_start. When logging back, check if had auras using encounter start last time and check is the boss frames matches any previous guid.

    Last edited Feb 17, 2015 by Tercioo
  • Avatar of Alogon Alogon Feb 14, 2015 at 23:19 UTC - 0 likes

    Really need this feature !

    For the dropdown, you can maybe do something like that (dropdown from Postal) :dropdown

    With Xpack > Instance > Boss.

  • Avatar of InvaderZimAu InvaderZimAu Feb 14, 2015 at 00:17 UTC - 0 likes

    I'd very much appreciate being able to set a load condition based on encounter ID. I've recently had to split all my WA's into Boss Specific sets, as I was getting too much frame rate loss with all my WA's for a single zone loaded at once.

    Currently I have to manually tick/untick load never for each set Boss Specific WA set.

    While your concern about DCs is quite valid, in the event of a DC just having the Aura's fail to load is a better option than not offering this load condition at all. If a player is truly concerned about DCs, they can remove the boss specific load condition and just have it loaded by zone or "always".

  • Avatar of InfusOnWow InfusOnWow Feb 12, 2015 at 21:57 UTC - 0 likes

    Right, frankly all we need at the start is a id field. And maybe a website where people can look up the encounter id.

  • Avatar of Stanzilla Stanzilla Feb 12, 2015 at 19:30 UTC - 0 likes

    I just want to avoid the situation that we have one huuuuge dropdown with irrelevant boss names in an xpac or too. Not sure how to solve that best, we could have to inputs that are mutually exclusive, a dropdown and an id input box. we can have a dropdown for the bosses of THIS xpac and once we get a new one, migrate them to the input box and have the new bosses in the dropdown again..

  • Avatar of InfusOnWow InfusOnWow Feb 12, 2015 at 10:24 UTC - 0 likes

    Yeah, we would need to provide a encounter id chooser, but frankly that's not too hard and to me using the encounter id actually looks like a pretty clean solution. Cleaner at least than checking boss1's name.

  • Avatar of Stanzilla Stanzilla Feb 12, 2015 at 01:58 UTC - 0 likes

    Not sure what is better, letting people find out the encounterID themselves or providing them for them. Obviously one is more user friendly but it has to be maintained, which should really be no problem.

    Also we kinda need to handle the case where a user disconnects and reconnects mid combat.

  • Avatar of Tercioo Tercioo Feb 09, 2015 at 15:42 UTC - 0 likes

    A straight method to load on a specific boss is watch for ENCOUNTER_START event and get its first parameter "encounterID". When the encounterID matches, the aura is enabled until the end of the combat.

    So, under the Load tab on the aura config, add a new dropdown in order to select the desired encounter. This is a table for Blackrock Foundry encounterIDs:

    ["Gruul"] = 1691,
    ["Oregorger"] = 1696,
    ["Beastlord Darmac"] = 1694,
    ["Flamebender Ka'graz"] = 1689,
    ["Hans'gar & Franzok"] = 1693,
    ["Operator Thogar"] = 1692,
    ["The Blast Furnace"] = 1690,
    ["Kromog, Legend of the Mountain"] = 1713,
    ["The Iron Maidens"] = 1695,
    ["Blackhand"] = 1704,

    edit: highmaul ids:

    ["Kargath"] = 1721,
    ["The Butcher"] = 1706,
    ["Tectus"] = 1722,
    ["Brakenspore"] = 1720,
    ["Twin Ogron"] = 1719,
    ["Koragh"] = 1723,
    ["Margok"] = 1705,
    Last edited Feb 09, 2015 by Tercioo


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