Vanas KoS

KoS List Vanas KoS is a Kill-on-Sight notifier, that uses every possibility, to detect nearby KoS targets, and notifies the user in different ways. Additionally it records PvP-Stats in outdoor PvP and shows these in the tooltip (configurable).


  • KoS List for Players and Guilds
  • Nice list
  • Hate list
  • Sorting of these Lists
  • All Lists are saved per realm
  • PvP Event Map
  • PvP Statistics
  • Golden Dragon around player portrait, if Player is on KoS List, Silver for Guild-KoS List, Red for Hatelist, Green for Nicelist
  • Modifies the Tooltip with the Reason you (may) give on adding a Player/Guild
  • Notifies you if a player on your KoS list is doing something near you (fight/buff/talk) in Chatframe, Upper Area and via Sound
  • Warning Frame that helps you to track hostile or friendly activity around you
  • Nice GUI - try /kos
  • Command line interface for managing KoS lists
  • Distributed Tracking - Other People help you tracking down your KoS-Targets
  • Minimap Button
  • Can dock itself into the Friends Frame.
  • Automatic synchronization with people on your guild
  • LibBroker support
  • Can add a context menu to the player portrait
  • Saves a list of the last attackers for easier adding via minimap button or libBroker
  • Automatic synchronization with others you request
Official wowace forum thread



Q: How can I backup my KoS-Data & Settings
A: Copy the file WoW\WTF\Account\*YourAccountName*\SavedVariables\VanasKoS.lua to a safe place of your choosing.

Q: I found a LUA-Error/Bug, What shall I do?
A: Goto and describe what you did to cause the problem (or when it happened) and post the lua-error-message. As we may have additional questions, please check back in/have a valid email at curse for ticket updates.

Q: I have a great idea for the addon! Want to hear it?
A: Goto and post your idea.

Q: I like living on the edge. Where can I get the latest alpha version?
A: Use these versions at your own peril:


Q: Why aren't my guild members entries displaying?
A: Make sure that you do not have "Show only my entries" checked. You and your guild members must also enable sharing of their lists with the guild.


Q: How can I add some additional mp3 sound files for notifications?
A: You can either send them to me with a license disclaimer that allows the distribution/packaging with vanaskos (if you own the rights) or You can add your own sounds by modifying WoW/Interface/AddOns/VanasKoS/modules/Notifier.lua The list of sounds is at the top of that file. Just put your extra sound files somewhere inside the WoW directory. VanasKoS uses LibSharedMedia-3.0 so it also has access to any other addon's sounds."

Distributed Tracking:

Q: How does the Distributed Tracking works?
A: Fine, Thanks!

Q: I see weird messages in my Chat Window on the Channel CrbZ????, What's up with that?
A: It's not normally supposed to be visible. But you can disable the displaying of that channel in the settings for the chat window. Just uncheck it there.

Q: My channel-numbers are all screwed up
A: It seems that your computer is too slow. VanasKoS joins the Distributed Tracking Channels 20 seconds after login/changing the Zone. You can modify this value manually in WoW\Interface\AddOns\VanasKoS\modules\DistributedTracker.lua under "JOIN_DELAY".

Help the Addon/Authors:

Q: How can I help with localization?
A: Goto and get started!

Q: How can I support the authors and development of this addon?
A: You can either use the "Donate"-Button on the curse VanasKoS-Page, or get a curse-premium Account. Curse gives a part of their earnings through the premium-program back to the addon-authors.

Q: I can code in lua and want to develop xyz?
A: Write me a PM with your idea and experience - I'll review the idea and if it's finished include it in vanaskos, or if you want to develop more add you as a co-author.


Q: How much do you make with this addon?
A: Near to nothing - My (Vanas) payment/hour for VanasKoS is less than 10cents, don't worry though - it's a hobby for the authors, so the revenue isn't a factor for development, but it also means that the real-life job is more important, so bear with us when answers/development take a little longer.

Q: Vana...Vana.. I seem to remember this name from Lineage2
A: You are right, I worked on a popular (and the first) lineage2 drop-database back then.

Q: License?
A: VanasKoS is mostly licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License. Note: Soundfiles/Graphics/Libraries used may be licensed differently.

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  • Avatar of Vana Vana Dec 09, 2010 at 06:19 UTC - 0 likes

    Sounds good fryre - send me a diff/patch when it's ready and I'll integrate it. If you're planning to do more I could add you as an author.

  • Avatar of fyrye fyrye Dec 09, 2010 at 03:59 UTC - 0 likes


    Simple feature request, if needed I'll add the code to my copy and post it as an example. But would like the ability to only gather data for combatants I have a duration with (if they hit me or I hit them). Where this wouldn't affect the notification's KoS log etc. Just the data gathering and/or display aspect.

  • Avatar of Raelea Raelea Sep 14, 2010 at 17:04 UTC - 0 likes


    In this case, you are using a development/alpha version of the mod. Alpha versions are primarily for adding new features and testing. If you're looking for a "stable" version instead and not interested in testing new releases, please visit and download v4.21.

    Also, you'll find that not very many people are using the alpha releases and that most people generally just wait for the stable releases. With that said, people using and testing the alpha version help us uncover problems/bugs that might otherwise make it into the stable release. For Cataclysm, it's especially important to get a few people testing these alpha releases so we know what we have left to work on.

    Feel free to choose either route, but keep in mind that alpha releases can and *will* be broken from time to time.

  • Avatar of xilcoy xilcoy Sep 14, 2010 at 12:33 UTC - 0 likes

    Hi Ikays,

    There's actually a couple of different types of pvp stats. One is wins/losses/seen against players. The other is the pvp event list. I made some fairly extensive changes to the pvp stats list in order to get more interesting information. So if you remove a player from the stats I'm guessing it still removes the wins/losses stats from the database, but at the moment there's no easy way to remove the pvp events.

    I tried to optimize the pvp events for insertion, searching and displaying on the map. Unfotunatley the way I did it makes it much more complicated to delete an event or player. It might even require updating the index of every entry that references the event list. I need to write some sample code to test that though. I have put some thought into how to remove entries, but as you can see it's not quite as simple as it sounds. And it seemed less important to me than other features.

    The easiest feature for now would be to have a clear all stats button. In the mean time you can disable the stats or pvp event map too. (Written from my droid phone)

  • Avatar of ikays ikays Sep 14, 2010 at 12:01 UTC - 0 likes

    Hi Raelea,
    sry for my late answer and again thank you for your help :)

    i want to gather data but i only want to keep ppl on my realm and maybe ppls i 'met' in the arena.
    am i the only one using this release? no offence, but seriously sometimes i got this feeling, or are you folks all playing on ptr or beta?
    the whole addon is now using around 3mb. opening my map on wintergrasp gets my whole game freezing for some seconds.
    if this is getting worse... :/
    i didnt open a ticket because i thought it's only affecting me

  • Avatar of Raelea Raelea Sep 14, 2010 at 02:33 UTC - 0 likes

    Ok, I can reproduce this on live (and likely on beta) as well. Although it does look like I bug, I'm not clear on why you would want to manage the pvp statistics manually. They accumulate rather quickly and deleting them one by one would take forever. It makes more sense to put in an enhancement ticket and request a feature to clear all pvp stats or disable the collection of pvp stats entirely (you may already be able to do this by disabling PVP Data Gathering in the config) if you're concerned about memory consumption.

  • Avatar of Raelea Raelea Sep 13, 2010 at 22:53 UTC - 0 likes

    Alright, that's great info. I'll try to reproduce this evening, but I can't promise a fix right away. I've still got some rather glaring Cata problems to work out first. Best bet at this point is probably to open a ticket with detailed steps to reproduce the problem you're seeing and Vana or xilcoy may have a chance to take a look.

    Thanks for the report.

  • Avatar of ikays ikays Sep 13, 2010 at 22:17 UTC - 0 likes

    hi Raelea,
    i am thankful for every help.

    i have r463 now, on a live server, with an english client but didn't change anything.

    after i select a name on the pvp stats list and press remove entry nothing happens.
    sometimes, on some entries, i get
    'VanasKoS: Entry "xxxxxx" removed from list'
    but nothing happens, the name remains on the list.

  • Avatar of Raelea Raelea Sep 13, 2010 at 21:36 UTC - 0 likes

    Not sure yet. The changes after r463 are just compatibility changes for Cata and shouldn't be changing any functionality. If you have a chance, please try to reproduce this with r463 to rule out the Cata specific changes.

    Also, as I'm somewhat new to the project, a more detailed description of your problem would help me :)

  • Avatar of ikays ikays Sep 13, 2010 at 19:46 UTC - 0 likes

    hi again,

    sry i forgot to mention its on live.

    is it just me?


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