Cataclysm update: I'm playing a lvl 5 Free to Play Shammy, I'm not 100% sure if everything works.

Totem Radius (TR) shows you where your totem's aura has effect on the minimap.

Discussion page: here.


  • Track where your totems dropped on the minimap.
  • Track other shaman's totems.
  • Show a radius ring around the totem of where the totem's aura has effect
  • Rings appear semi-transparent when inside, opaque when outside.
  • If 2+ shaman drop the same totem and you're inside one, then other totem will dim as well.
  • Displays rings in the 3D world where your totem's aura has effect. (AVR required)
  • Adds totem distance below the totem frames on the player frame.

Known issues

  • Talents which increase range or duration not taken into account.

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Bitcoin address: 1RYB7ihDJXnWHacEJLgkGYdT9tzZsFzd8

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Date created
Feb 28, 2010
Last updated
Sep 13, 2011