40 - Required level for a specific profession

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Check the profession requirement from alt or various professions.

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Well, great add-on, thanks again, very usefull ;)
I have often requests from player-buyers if this craft can be done and what is the minimum level required, but I can't give a fast answer without logging out-in with the desired alt-crafter. (exept from having a separate list of each alt-crafter with notepad)
Will it be possible to implement a way to check the level character and the required profession level a particular craft need, this without being in town or near a NPC-crafter ?
I have plenty other add-ons for crafting and professions, but none of them like yours is indicating the "requiring" level for a specific profession like:
"First Aid (272/300) -> Master First Aid - 275, Level 50 for a toon named Paluche - Level 45 Dwarf Warrior" for example.

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kalganAce Nov 06, 2012 at 08:53 UTC Create

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Nov 06, 2012
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