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saphiredragon89 posted the following comment on the curse.com download page:

An unfortunate side effect I've noticed since the addition of the instance channel is if I have say an event that plays a message in party chat such as '<spelllink> on >>><target><<<!' I can't leave it set to party because in instances the game will say I'm not in a party, but if I set the event to use the instance channel it will say I'm not in an instance when in the oustide world. Very bothersome...


Ris' analysis continues...

Saphiredragon's experience had a lot to do with queueing for LFD by himself.  Since the new /instance channel was added to the game, I have queued for dungeons while in a party with 1 other friend, and in those circumstances, I found that both /p and /i chat were working for me.  What Saphiredragon's comment explained to me was that /party chat was only reaching my one friend who was in a party with me before I joined the instance, while in contrast, /instance chat was reaching the additional random strangers/pugs in the instance group.

Unfortunately, SpeakinSpell doesn't have the logic and options necessary to deal with this new /instance channel very well, so I recommend any or all of the following solutions (new features) to make it possible for SpeakinSpell to select between /i vs. /p chat to the best advantage of different players:

1. add a "sticky channel" option to let SpeakinSpell use whichever channel would come up if you just hit enter and started typing
2. add a "smart group channel" option which intelligently selects the instance, party, or raid channel as appropriate to reach the largest audience for the kind of group you're in and whether or not you're in an instance of some kind (dungeon, raid, BG, arena).
3. Add a distinction between being "in a party" and being "in an instance" so that the two different scenarios have separate drop-down lists under "/ss messages" so you could assign them different channels, so SpeakinSpell would know to use the instance channel in an instance, and the party channel while outside of an instance but in a party.

Option 3 is the most powerful and probably the most appropriate way to get the most out of the new /instance channel - because it allows the user to choose whether to continue using /p or /i chat while in instances - which could be nice if you want SpeakinSpell to spam your friends/guildies who joined the queue with you, but you don't want the random pugs from the instance to be bothered.


For the same reason, option 4 is a bad choice.  I originally posted this suggestion on curse.com re: Saphiredragon89's comments, but after thinking about option 3 above, I no longer believe that this "just do it automatically" approach is the right thing to do, but I'm mentioning it here just for the sake of completeness...
4. Automatically handle the scenario you described.  Change SpeakinSpell so that if you're in a party, and try to use the instance channel outside of an instance, it just automatically uses /p chat instead, and do the same for raids.

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  • Avatar of rismisner rismisner Dec 10, 2014 at 16:44 UTC - 0 likes

    This was fixed in SS v

    Please post back and reopen the ticket if there are issues with the current solution

  • Avatar of Groguz Groguz Jan 12, 2014 at 22:01 UTC - 0 likes

    I have implemented an override system with a check-box in the gui that will override the selected channel if Instance Chat is available. this option is available on all speech events.



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