171 - Combat-Critical Events

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Create a new checkbox under "/ss messages" to mark an event trigger as:

[X] Combat Critical

Tooltip reads:

Combat-critical events are important to announce every time they happen, even if SpeakinSpell is on cooldown, or decides it is not your random chance to speak.  Marking this event as combat-critical will cause it to ignore all cooldowns and random chances to speak, in order to reliably announce the event every time it happens (including while you are not in combat)

Please provide any additional information below.

* We may want to hide the applicable options from the event settings while combat-critical is enabled.  This would include the event-specific cooldown and random chance.
* This should option should apply while out of combat for 2 reasons: A) you could be preparing to attack, and B) you want to be able to test the event trigger.

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