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I'd like to see a simplified way to add in speeches for groups of events. For example, right now, there are separate event hooks for every mount in the game. While I understand the possible need for individual speeches for each mount, the task of adding all of my mounts (I have over 113 and growing) to a single /ss macro is quite tedious and to do it on more than one character is a complete nightmare. Importing speeches is not an option as my different racial characters tend to have accents built into their speeches. Having a simplified event hook for ground mounts, flying mounts and swimming mounts would be much more streamlined. An option like this could also be used for portals, polymorphs and mini-pets... Lunarsphere has something like this in their speech options. Unfortunately that project has been discontinued.

Honestly I'd like to see a simplified version of this mod altogether. There are a lot of event hooks that I really don't need or care for, and weeding thru them all is rather a pain, even with the search function. Perhaps if there was a way to delete or blacklist unused/unwanted event hooks? I really don't need to create a speech for every buff/debuff put on me by an NPC for a single quest objective. And yet there are general event hooks not included that I'd love to see. Mostly they're combat events: taking damage (normal or crit), blocking, parrying, dodging, absorbing damage... many of these were included in the old RPHelper mod.

I really enjoy using this mod, but while the quantity of event hooks makes it very versatile, the quality of them make it very bloated with unused options.

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    Unassigning tickets that are not actively being worked on

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    I'm re-assigning all my tickets to Duerma

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    SpeakinSpell adds some simplified event hooks (under Misc. Events) to announce when you summon or dismiss your mount or companion pet, so you don't have to trigger those speeches from each individual summoning spell. It's a step forward, but it also adds 4 more events to the mountain of available event triggers... what it really needs is a better UI for browsing/searching the event triggers.

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    Point well-taken. In 3 years of development, it has evolved into a mess. I'll spare you the details of the evolutionary history and say that I completely agree that some streamlining is needed, especially in the areas that you mentioned.



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