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I notice that SpeakinSpell mostly "sais" a gratz or any reply the same second as the event happens.
For example:
Someone get's a achievement and it pops up in chat both at the same time. I even had a guildie say to me the gratz showed for him before the message of the achievement.
Same when a guildmember sais ding.

Is there a way to delay certain messages? I think it's usefull in both messages above.


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  • Avatar of rismisner rismisner May 07, 2015 at 15:39 UTC - 0 likes

    Closing this as declined because there's an existing solution to use SlashIn

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    Unassigning tickets that are not actively being worked on

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    I'm re-assigning all my tickets to Duerma

  • Avatar of rismisner rismisner Sep 13, 2012 at 16:56 UTC - 0 likes

    Update on this issue...

    I tested the SlashIn addon vs. SpeakinSpell v5.0.4.02 and it works.

    I also have an older out-of-date addon that I still use because it still mostly works. Baggins comes with AceEvent-2.0 (also outdated - there's an AceEvent-3.0 now) and the AceEvent-2.0 library also provides an implementation of /in, but it doesn't work (it throws a Lua error). So this conflict may be floating around still in other addons in addition to Baggins.

    I still think it would be a good idea to add my own timer function built into SpeakinSpell so you don't have to use /in, and can use GUI controls to set that up instead.

    Side note: Substitutions can also be subtly broken by issuing the statement "/in 2 /ss macro something" in response to another event. The <spellname> and related info about the originating spell will be lost, replaced by a fresh entry to "/ss macro something" because /in is not detected as a "recursive macro call" internally to SpeakinSpell

  • Avatar of rismisner rismisner Aug 30, 2011 at 16:39 UTC - 0 likes

    This is possible!

    I'd like to make a built-in feature for this eventually, but there's a separate addon called SlashIn that works together with SpeakinSpell. I personally get the same function from another addon, though I'm not exactly sure which one. It seems like a common function floating around as part of a library that various addons share.

    With the SlashIn addon (or the same feature available in some other addons) you can make a speech in SpeakinSpell like this:

    /in 5 /g Grats!

    The "/in N" command delays the rest of the line by N seconds, so "/in 5 /g Grats!" will cause you to "/g Grats!" after 5 seconds.


    You can randomize the time delay in SpeakinSpell by defining a random word and using it like this:

    /in <randomseconds> /g Grats!

    You would have to create the <randomseconds> word list yourself as a list of numbers under "/ss random"


    I'm going to mark this feature request as accepted with low priority because of the available work-around to write "/in" into your speeches.



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