150 - boss fight debuff self raid warning lag

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Setup SpeakinSpell to perform a self-only raid warning for the debuffs called Consumption and Combustion
2. Enter (Heroic) Ruby Sanctum and fight Halion

What is the expected output? What do you see instead?

I expect to get a self-only raid warning almost instantly when I'm inflicted by these debuffs.  I actually received them a few seconds later - too late to be effective.

What version of the product are you using? (no personal edits to the code yet)

Do you have an error log of what happened?

Please provide any additional information below.

I have two paths of speculation on this...

1) Maybe playing the sound for the self-only raid warning is causing the lag, because of the way sounds seem to lag behind in WoW 4.0.3.  Something Blizzard did made it so that after combat ends, I still hear the sounds of combat for a few seconds, mostly the death cries of all the mobs we just killed.  IIRC, the self-only raid warning channel in SS manually plays the standard raid warning sound, to make it behave more like a standard raid warning, and playing this sound may be what introduced the few seconds of lag that made this feature of SS worthless to me in the moment (I really needed that improved awareness so I could run away when I got the debuff!)

2) Maybe I selected the wrong debuffs.  This didn't occur to me last night at the time, but for both Combustion and Consumption in the Halion fight, they are both a debuff cast on you by the boss (what i wanted to announce) and create a resulting GTAOE when dispelled off you.  The GTAOE also puts a debuff on you until you move out of it, and I noticed SS announced it every time I ran through one of those GTAOE.  That process stacked up several raid warnings on my screen and I'm not sure if that was exhibiting the lag or not.  I assumed at the time that both the initial debuff and the resulting GTAOE had the same spell names (Combustion and Consumption for the fire and shadow damage versions of it respectively).  However, I did notice in the "/ss create" drop-down list that there was also a "Something Combustion" and a "Something Consumption" (I forget the exact names now).  Someone's DBM had been whispering to me about Combustion and Consumption, so I assumed that the other "Something Combustion" and "Something Consumption" in the list were from a different boss fight... maybe those other "Something Combustion" and "Something Consumption" were actually the initial debuffs, and I only set it up to announce the GTAOE.  In that case it was just operator error.  The couple of seconds of lag I observed would have just been the healers waiting for me to move to the edge before they dispelled me, and then dispelling me anyway, so that the GTAOE hit me, and the SS immediately raid warned me.  I didn't think of this until I started to write up the ticket as a reminder to investigate the performance problem I thought I had here.  I still want to check into it though to make sure.

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