149 - "Let Stone Control my Speeches"


I see many people using SpeakinSpell without ever changing the speeches. My guildies especially want me to fix their speeches for them, and don't want to take the personal effort to use "/ss reset" and/or "/ss import" to make use of my changes to the defaults... so they continue using much older default speeches, which get stale over time, and sometimes have typos or similar defects (for example a grats speech that used to say "his addon" which I enhanced to say "<player*his*her> addon")


Add a checkbox to the options to "Allow Stonarius to Control my Speeches" (needs a better label) with a tooltip that reads something like:

"Use this option if you never want to edit the speeches and event triggers yourself, and you want to allow installing an updated version of SpeakinSpell to change your event triggers and speech lists whenever the addon's author changes the default settings"

This option would be off by default.

If enabled, it would hide or disable most of the rest of the settings in SpeakinSpell, since you have chosen to put all that under my control.

Additional considerations:

maybe this should include an option to override which chat channels to use

maybe this should take a form that lets you enable/disable individual event triggers, while still leaving the random speeches under Stonarius' control.

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    Unassigning tickets that are not actively being worked on

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    I'm re-assigning all my tickets to Duerma

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    Giving this a low priority because it's contrary to my design philosophy to emphasize SS as a platform for writing your own speeches, and I don't actually want this responsibility LOL (though I do want to fix my guildies' speeches)

    Typically, content change requests get a low priority because "that's just content" and I always say you can and should change it yourself - you don't need the addon author to change it for you.

  • Avatar of rismisner rismisner Dec 25, 2010 at 00:04 UTC - 0 likes

    2 additional feature ideas I can attach to this, building in this direction...

    This could potentially also leverage the data sharing system to pick up newer defaults without actually installing the newer version. That should be a separate optional enhancement that comes after the initial implementation of this feature.

    Another alternative direction we could take this would let you put your macros under any selected player's control via the data sharing system, rather than the addon author. So if your guild leader writes really good macros, and you trust him to put words in your mouth, you could enable a feature like this to let him push new content to your SpeakinSpell via the data sharing network and "/ss sync"



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