147 - <magefood> substitution

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A new substitution value <magefood> which evaluates to "cake" at 85, "strudel" at 80, and "biscuits" at 70 (possibly with support for the lower level non-table food conjuring spells).

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The kind of food that a mage conjures depends on the mage's level.  Ritual of Refreshment produces cake at 85, strudel at 80, and biscuits at 70, with non-ritual food and water conjuring spells producing various pastries at lower levels.

In the past (prior to WoW 4.0) SpeakinSpell supported different speeches for different kinds of food by triggering on the different ranks of the spells.  After WoW 4.0, the spell is the same at all levels, and the results depend on the caster's level instead of the spell's rank.  This means that the speeches you've enjoyed for Strudel tables from levels 80 to 84 suddenly become wrong at level 85 when your tables conjure Cake instead.

This is inspired by ticket 146: http://www.wowace.com/addons/speakinspell/tickets/146-strudel-to-cake/ which is a simple content change to assume level 85 mage tables in the default speeches... but more ideal default speeches should be flexible enough to support understanding how this works and leveling up with you using <magefood> substitutions to automatically transition from biscuits to strudel to cake.

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