145 - Guild Achievements earned by the whole guild

What is the enhancement in mind? How should it look and feel?

(SS Guild Achievements are currently identified the same as a guild member getting an achievement, and <caster> comes out as <guild> ... but it should really be a separate event trigger which can have its own speech list, because this is a special different case from an individual getting an achievement.

Please provide any additional information below.

It's the same Blizzard API event hook that we're already using.  Just check for <caster>==<guild> and change the event key.  This wants some new content to go with it too - new speeches to grats the guild as a whole.

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    Unassigning tickets that are not actively being worked on

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    I'm re-assigning all my tickets to Duerma

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    Guild achievements broke in 4.1. I assume they come through the API as a new independent event now.

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    It's issues like this that actually make me wish there was an easy if/then/else syntax I could use in the redirect macros, as the workaround logic for things such as this would be amazingly simple:

    if <caster> = <guild>
    then /ss macro gratsguild
    else /ss macro gratsdude

    Or, perhaps, a way to create a "wildcard" for any unspecified value, so that I could create /ss macro grats<guild> and /ss macro grats"wildcard", so that if my one speech on an achievement being printed in /g is "/ss macro grats<caster>" and <caster> comes out guild, it goes to that one, but anything else will call the wildcard macro instead.

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    Increased the priority on cataclysm-related updates



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