142 - trigger on custom words other than "ding"

Copy-pasted this feature idea from a PM conversation with KelticFox...


KelticFox 3 days ago

      Hi, I was pointed towards your addon by one of the other mods at MMO Champion and I must say I really like it. Only one thing would make it perfect IMO (well for my guild anyway)!

      I need to know how to add a custom chat event "Someone in the guild says "XXX" kind of thing. Very similar to the Ding cook currently in there. We have a guildie who's ALWAYS banging on about how superior Gnomes are, so I need to add a few choices random comments about punting, gnomes-on-a-stick etc.

      A quick pointer would be greatly appreciated and I'll big you up in the Rogue section!




rismisner 2 days ago

      I don't have that feature in SpeakinSpell yet, unfortunately.  "ding" is hard-coded, so there's currently nowhere in the options where you can change it or add a new one like that.  I see what you mean though and I think it would be great!


KelticFox 40 hours ago

      Bugger XD

      Cheers anyway. If you add that into the next version it would be awesome.

      I was going to add Gnome jokes/insults everytime someone mentioned the word gnome in GChat. And if someone mentioned madness it would go "Madness? No. THIS IS <Guild Name>!"

      But thanks anyway


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    This is a great idea with a lot of potential applications.

    For a relatively simple solution, I can picture a UI for "words to look for in guild chat" where you could tell it to look for words other than "ding" which is currently hard-coded, but would be moved to that list.

    From there, each of those words becomes its own event trigger "someone in guild chat said <word>"

    The UI for "words to look for in guild chat" would provide a button next to each text box to take you to the "/ss messages" options for each related event.


    I see 3 cases that need to be handled when changing the list of words to look for:

    1) you add a word.  (add "madness") Easy, we add an event trigger for that word.

    2) you delete a word.  (delete "ding" because you don't use it)  Hmm.. should that also delete the event trigger and all of its associated speeches, or leave you with a non-functioning event trigger in your settings?  Or prompt you?  I guess it should prompt you "do you also want to delete all of the speeches that were associated with this word's event trigger?"

    3) you change a word.  (change "madness" to "insanity")  I suppose this should change the event trigger to use the existing speeches for the new word... or prompt you what to do?  I think it's fair to say you might want to keep the same speeches but trigger on a different word, so I don't want to delete the old event trigger with all its speeches and other options and force you to rewrite it all.


    All of the above is stuck within the current overall design of the UI and backend implementation, i.e. what could be achieved easily without overhauling the whole system.  That architecture is in the design phases of a major overhaul to support a wider variety of ideas for event triggers, so a better way of supporting this feature may present itself.

    Critiquing the simple solution described above, I have 2 main complaints about it:

    1) I'm not happy with the UI design because it makes you work in 2 different screens.  The intuitive thing for the user would be to find a way to create an event trigger (they'll find the UI shown by "/ss create") and have some mechanism right there to write in a word to trigger on from guild chat like "ding" or "madness" or whatever.  I don't see any way to do that within the limitations of the current design for the data structures and algorithms in the backend.

    2) I'm also not happy with the idea of limiting it to guild chat, and it would be nice to make it capable of supporting triggering off certain words found in any chat channel.  For example, I'd like a similar feature to respond to scripted NPC speeches, like in CoS when I talk back to Arthas (something like the callbacks for Rocky Horror Picture Show, where you can ask the NPC a loaded question that sets it up to be a silly answer when they say their next scripted line).  There are other issues involved in scripting whole conversations, but I won't get into that here (for example you'd want to go in order for a list of prepared speeches that you say in between what the NPC says - not randomize each individual sentence)

    So these are design considerations for the behind-the-scenes overhaul that Duerma and I have been discussing.



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