0% Complete objective colour 0-24% completed

25% Complete objective colour 25-49% completed

50% Complete objective colour 50-74% completed

75% Complete objective colour 74-99% completed


Achievement Description

Achievement Minion Anchor

Achievement Minion Settings

Achievement Minion Title

Achievement Options Achievement Minion

Achievement Padding

Achievement Settings

Achievement Task

Achievement Titles

Achievement Tracker

Achievement Tracker Title Achievement Tracker

Adds the quest name to objective notification messages

Adjust the scale of the minion

Adjust the width of the minion

Allow quests to be hidden Allow hidden quests

Allows quests to be hidden and enables the show/hide button Allows quests to be hidden and unhidden by rightclicking the quest. Also enables the show/hide button

Alt Left-click

Alt Right-click

Alt Right-click to show zone collapse/expand dropdown menu

Alt Right-click to show zone collapse/expand dropdown menu

Auto collapse zones on exit Auto Collapse on Exit

Auto expand zones on enter Auto Expand on Enter

Auto Hide Minion Title

Auto Hide/Showing

Automatically collapses zone headers when you exit the zone

Automatically expands zone headers when you enter the zone

Automatically hides completed quests on completion. Also hides goto quests

Automatically track quests Automatically track quests - Requires reloadui for now

Automatically track quests when objectives update

Autoshrink to left

Background Colour

Background Texture

Bar Back Colour

Bar Fill Colour

Bar Texture