52 - Player Roles and Custom Rez Priority

What is the enhancement in mind? How should it look and feel?
I know it has been said in the description that it will never be made for in battle but I think that if the player were able to assign roles to players, such as tank, dps, healer, etc, and prioritize them the way they want, then the rez could make a smart decision based on the role and priority. So if a healer dies and a tank dies while in combat, the players priority list would influence the choice of whom to rez and would (if the player is not an idiot) rez the tank.

The out of combat rez system is perfectly fine.

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    I understand what you are going for, but it isn't feasible for several reasons.

    • Shaman Reincarnation, Druid Rebirth, Warlock's SoulStone and DK's Raise Ally all are use one per encounter every 10 minutes. If some player uses one, the rest are locked out for the encounter or 10 minutes, whichever is longer.
    • In a raid, because the game does not have a random raid finder like parties do, no roles are assigned automatically, thus forcing the raid leader or raid assist to perform a role check. Nobody would ever do this in a raid, as the roles are mapped out other ways.
    • Ever been in a random dungeon, and someone leaves, but the replacement is invited in, and not joined through the queue? That new player is not assigned a role, but everybody knows what role the person is filling, so nobody does the role check.

    For these reasons, there is no point in creating a res priority in combat. Especially the first reason, which defeats the purpose of even having a list.

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