Notes Co-ordinated targetless Party and Raid wipe recovery. Evolved


About the author and SmartRes2

Add a random message to the table. %p (optional) is you, %t (mandatory) is your target. They can be in any order.

Add to Random Table

All dead units are being ressed.

All dead units have released.

And you thought the Scourge looked bad. In about 10 seconds, %p knows %t will want a comb, some soap, and a mirror.

Auto Res Key

Background Colour

Bar Colour

Bar Height

Bar Width

Border Thickness

Change the horizontal direction of the res bars

Chat output options

Chat Output Type

Control fonts on the res bars

Control the height of the res bars

Control the width of the res bars

Co-ordinated targetless Party/Raid wipe recovery. Evolved


Custom Message

Displays bars of players who have been resurrected, but not yet accepted

Duplicate Bar Colour

Duplicate Res Targets

Enable SmartRes2

Enable Waiting for Accept Bars

Enter a custom message for normal resurrections. This overrides both the default and random messages. Does not impact Mass Resurrection messages. Use %p (optional) for yourself, %t (mandatory) for your target.

Everybody is alive. Congratulations!

Filthy peon! %p has to resurrect %t!


Font Style

Font Type

For ressing targets who have not released their ghosts

FOR THE HORDE! FOR THE ALLIANCE! %p thinks %t should be more concerned about yelling FOR THE LICH KING! and prevents that from happening.

Gives you the pointer to click on corpses

Grow Upwards

Hide Anchor

Horizontal Direction