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English: Duplicate Res Targets
Current French: Cible de Res en doublon
Translated by moguaii Oct 09, 2013
Previous French: Dupliquer la cible de Res
Translated by PodVibe Dec 14, 2009
English: Duplicate Bar Colour
Current French: Dupliquer la couleur des barres
Translated by pascalwar62 Mar 19, 2013
Previous French: Dupliquer les barres de couleurs
Translated by PodVibe Mar 06, 2010
Previous French: Dupliquer barre de couleurs
Translated by mattbnr Jan 11, 2010
English: Displays bars of players who have been resurrected, but not yet accepted
Current French: Affichage des barres des joueurs ressuscités mais qui n'ont pas encore acceptés
Translated by pascalwar62 Mar 19, 2013
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