40 - Add _NPCScan.Overlay map control support

What is the enhancement in mind? How should it look and feel? I recently updated _NPCScan.Overlay to let it run standalone, and a fair number of users run it together with SilverDragon. I finalized a message API used to control its maps, and it would be great if SilverDragon took advantage of it. Please provide any additional information below. The API is fairly simple, and generic to allow new overlay-type mods to implement it. You can view my documentation for it here, but I'll briefly describe the messages it uses:
  • NpcOverlay_RegisterScanner - Send this message after _NPCScan.Overlay loads (PLAYER_LOGIN, Ace3 OnEnable, etc.) with a unique identifier to gain control of paths drawn on maps.
  • NpcOverlay_Add - Send this with an Npc ID and the identifier used in registration to show the mob's path on all maps.  _NPCScan sends it when beginning to search for a mob, but that's only a suggestion.
  • NpcOverlay_Remove - Similar to NpcOverlay_Add, but removes paths instead.  _NPCScan sends this when it quits searching for a mob.
  • NpcOverlay_Found - Send this when you detect a rare, and the overlay will draw a range blip on maps.  _NPCScan.Overlay only shows these for mobs with known paths though.  This message only needs an Npc ID.
If you prefer to leave all known paths on _NPCScan.Overlay instead, you can simply not register or call Add/Remove, and only use the Found message to display range blips. _NPCScan.Overlay already has an option to show all paths or not, so there's no need for SilverDragon to implement one.
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    Massive rewrite has occurred. Closing all old tickets.

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    I second this. rare spawn overlay seems all but abandoned, and that let me check off mobs i already had. But i think npc overlay has a pretty good api for getting job done too if implimented



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