Cannot open Clams by clicking on the LDB display. Use %s instead.

Cannot open this item by clicking on the LDB display (it would cause taint). Use %s instead.

|cffffd700%d %s to open|r

The %s will be the singular or plural form of "item"

Classes: (.*)

Used to capture the classes requirements of an item.


Singular form for "item"


Plural form for "item"

notes Open those clams (and other containers)

This is for the notes in the .toc file. I will have to paste it myself since there appear to be no way to for the packager to replace phrase in the .toc.

Nothing to do, in combat, or stealthed

Nothing to do or in combat

Requires %s [(](%%d+)[)]

Used to capture the trade skill requirement for an item. The %s is for the trade name, the [(](%%D)[)] is for the level eg. (300).

Salvage Yard

Exact text return from GetRealZoneText() when a player is standing in the Salvage Yard.

%s - %d

Display in the LDB text. The %s will be the localized item name and the %d will be the total number of items to shuck.


Name of the AddOn

ShuckIt is disabled while in combat or stealthed.

|T%s:16|t %s x %d

%s = localized item name, %d = number of item to shuck

Use: Adds this toy

Use: Adds treasure locations to your map.

Use: Add "[^"]*" to your garrison

Use: Carefully crate the restored artifact.

Use: Combine 10 

Use: Combine 100 

Use: Combine 300 

Use: Combine 4 

Use: Combine ten

When those words are present in the tooltip, a stack of 10 items that can be combined is detected. The exact tooltip wording is very important.

Use: Combine Ten

Use: Combine with an identical partial receipt to create a Merchant Order.

Use: Create a soulbound item appropriate for your loot specialization

This is the phrase searched in the tooltip to identify reward items from garrison missions that have not been used yet.

Use: Create a soulbound Tier %d+ item appropriate for your class.

Use: Crush the medallion

Use: Discovers a glyph recipe that uses Warbinder's Ink.

Use: Gain [0123456789.,]+ Garrison Resources.

Use: Gain [%d.,]+ Ancient Mana.

Use: Gain [%d.,]+ Oil.

Use: Grants [%d.,]+ Artifact Power

Use: Grants [%d.,]+ reputation

Use: Gut and clean 5 

Use: Increase the maximum amount of Ancient Mana

Use: Learn the secrets of Draenor 

Use: Open the bag.

Use: Open the Bulging Heroic Cache of Treasures to earn your glorious reward!