v4 adds support for wow 4.0

v3 makes use of the data from the new Dungeon Finder system to help populate instance data. This makes instances sortable by recommended level. Categories and Instances are no longer sorted manually one-by-one, but are controlled with simple checkboxes.

v2.5 adds the ability to manually keep track of encounters that you have completed per instance lockout

v2.4 adds the option to colour indicator text by the class of the toon it belongs to, which can be used to help make the tooltip more clear.

v2.3 has been updated for WoW 3.2 and all the associated changes to instance difficulties. Instances can now be categorised by players and these categories can be displayed in any custom order. Instance data can be manually deleted from the DB if users wish.

v2.2 now has ID and expiry details shown in a tooltip for each indicator.

v2.1.3 bumps the version for WoW 3.1. Also, you can now configure the Normal and Heroic indicators.

v2.1 dropped support for FuBar. You can now choose whether new instances remain in the tooltip "todo-list" when they aren't saved by default (or not).

v2.0 was a complete rewrite switching from LibRock-1.0 and Tablet-2.0 to Ace3 and LibQTip-1.0. The contents of the tooltip were reorganised to be more readable, compact and customisable.

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Dec 05, 2009
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