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English: Facets of Research
Translation note:
Current Russian: Грань исследования (ювелирное дело)
Translated by mednik May 25, 2013
English: Farm crops
Current Russian: Отображать посадки на ферме
Translated by mednik Apr 26, 2016
English: Farm Crops
Current Russian: Растения на ферме
Translated by freimensch Jul 14, 2013
English: Flex
Current Russian: Гибкий
Translated by GreenSmile Sep 20, 2013
Previous Russian: Изгиб
Translated by StingerSoft Sep 02, 2013
English: Fit to screen
Current Russian: Подогнать под размер экрана
Translated by mednik Apr 30, 2016
English: Format large numbers
Current Russian: Формат больших чисел
Translated by mednik Apr 30, 2016
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