7 - Missing Spells

Reposted from my comments on the project page:

I have some suggestions for updating the list of supported cooldowns. Basically, the cooldowns that you track can be broken down into categories: tanking, interrupts, mana restore, health restore, threat dump, resurrection, and miscellaneous other. I think that it is important to make sure that each of these is a) potentially important to the raid and b) complete and consistent for all classes.

Tanking For completeness add: Anti-magic Shell, Survival Instincts, Unbreakable Armor.

Interrupts For completeness add: Wind Shock. I think that Silencing Shot (Hunter), Bash (Druid) and Maim (Druid) also interrupt spell casting even on targets that are immune to silence/stun.

Threat Dump You include Feign Death and Soulshatter. For consistency, add Vanish (Rogue), Invisibility (Mage). A related ability, Hand of Salvation (Paladin), should also be added.

Resurrection Possibly add Raise Ally (Deathknight).

Other This is where it gets tricky. I think that showing Nature's Swiftness for Druids and Shaman is completely unnecessary. Similarly, Cloak of Shadows and Ice Block are more personal cooldowns, though they are useful to see sometimes. Tricks of the Trade (Rogue) should definitely be added. I also toyed with the idea of adding Ritual of Refreshment (Mage), Ritual of Souls (Warlock) and Ritual of Summoning (Warlock) as they can be useful to see for raid preparation.

The only other special case for a glyph I saw was Glyph of Death Grip. Have you also considered Cold Snap (and Hypothermia) for Ice Block cooldown and Preparation for Vanish cooldown?

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