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Change log

Author: Shadowed <shadowed.wow@gmail.com>
Date:   Thu Jan 7 19:05:31 2010 -0800
Sped up scanning again, instead of delaying 0.50, 1.32, 1.98 seconds each time a scan fails to return data QA will soft retry and check for data every 0.10 second until 4 seconds total have elapsed. Should result in faster initial scans, but have little impact after that
- Fixed some auctions taking far too long to scan like gems when using summary
Removed unique/full error if we run out of things to loot since mail can be incremented via over means not just full/unique

Date:   Tue Jan 5 11:10:18 2010 -0800
Fixed whitelist configuration not working
Updated deDE localizatioon, thanks Rothis

Date:   Mon Jan 4 20:29:29 2010 -0800
Fixed inventory counts not showing up in the summary if there were no items in the auction house (Thanks dr_AllCOM3)
If a split failure occurs, items will no longer be queued for splitting, fixes issues if split failure occurs and you try and repost
- Moved split queue reset to split starting to fix any remaining bugs
Increased timeout on splitting to 20 seconds, as it's possible space will be freed up during the split queue due to changes in how posting works
- Reduced throttle on bag updates to 0.10s, might slightly speed up splitting, might not
Localization update
Oops! Logic is hard
Added debug code to scanning so I don't have to keep adding it back when I test things
Another change to be sure it doesn't show the players name as being undercut
Fixed width bug with general category for options
- Updated description texts to indicate prices are per item, not total
Added /qa cancel <filter> allows you to cancel any items matching the given filter. Can be used to single cancel items /qa cancel Glyph of Guardian Spirit or to mass cancel by pattern such as /qa cancel Glyph to cancel anything matching Glyph
Improved sorting for posting items, the new order is whatever has the lower stack count, if the stack counts are equal the item with the least in your inventory will be posted first to free up new slots for splitting faster
Mail indicator will get shifted to the left if somebody is using Postal
Fixed lock status on buttons not being reset if there are no auctions to cancel
- Fixed visual bug that would make it look like you undercut yourself, so I don't have to listen to people complain
Fixed split error not showing up in the log

Date:   Sun Jan 3 17:47:20 2010 -0800
Removed debug code
Added a "# mail" tag to the top right of the mailbox indicating the total amount of mail left, including pending

Date:   Sat Jan 2 23:02:18 2010 -0800
deDE localization update (Thanks Rothis!)
Moved auto mail toggle to a per-character setting, this will reset your auto mail setting but it means you can disable it on characters you don't want now

Date:   Fri Jan 1 15:41:30 2010 -0800
Localization update
No longer going through every auction, if we find bad data exiting immediately

Date:   Thu Dec 31 22:39:27 2009 -0800
I am smart, changed cancel and posting to just wipe the entire status table, I am sure this will fail horribly when I remember I stored something useful there
Fixed mail being sent every single item created, oops!
Holding SHIFT down while opening the mailbox will disable auto sending of mail temporarily
Fixed auto mail logic, should work properly when you are auto looting items that need to be mailed to another character
Added a specific state reset on cancel
Event throttle will hide itself when splitting is stopped, won't let anything else get split that was queued


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Jan 08, 2010
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  • 3.2.0
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