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Change log

Author: Shadowed <shadowed.wow@gmail.com>
Date:   Fri Jan 1 15:41:30 2010 -0800
Localization update
No longer going through every auction, if we find bad data exiting immediately

Date:   Thu Dec 31 22:39:27 2009 -0800
I am smart, changed cancel and posting to just wipe the entire status table, I am sure this will fail horribly when I remember I stored something useful there
Fixed mail being sent every single item created, oops!
Holding SHIFT down while opening the mailbox will disable auto sending of mail temporarily
Fixed auto mail logic, should work properly when you are auto looting items that need to be mailed to another character
Added a specific state reset on cancel
Event throttle will hide itself when splitting is stopped, won't let anything else get split that was queued
Fixed flaggings for post/cancel scans, should fix cancel window popping up when doing a regular scan
Fixed flagging on posting, should only stop if there are no more items to split and will stop posting if the auction house is closed regardless if a scan is running or not
Fixed queued auction scans not being reset if you interrupt the scan
Localization update

Date:   Wed Dec 30 10:52:49 2009 -0800
Fixed old usage of profile.globals being used when canceling everything in a specific group

Date:   Tue Dec 29 23:38:36 2009 -0800
Apparently AUCTION_ITEM_LIST_UPDATE will fire even without auction data, so changed it to wait 0.50 seconds if no auction data is found
Changed to only watching the first AUCTION_ITEM_LIST_UPDATE after a query is sent
Trying a fix to delay scanning to only skip the delay before scanning if there is 5 or more items found

Date:   Fri Dec 25 16:00:03 2009 -0800
Changed how auction filters are removed, should reduce number of auctions not being found
Fixed mail erroring if it's opened and items are immediately queued to send
Improved scan retries, when auction data is received it will check if any bad data (no name/no owner) is found, if there is none it will immediately scan the auction data and keep going. This will speed up scanning by at least 0.50 seconds per page after the initial scan
Removed super scan option, it's unnecessary now
Reduced the time between checking if we can send more auction data to every 0.05 seconds

Date:   Wed Dec 23 22:44:06 2009 -0800
Fixed duplicate "Override Fallback" labels in configuration
Debug code is bad
Clicking "Open all" before the timer on mailbox cache is up will cause it to wait for new mail before auto looting, rather than failing
If mail #1 cannot be looted, auto looter will try mail #2 and so on instead of just failing
Switched the ruRU localization to pull from the  namespace table
Fixed frFR localization not pulling from the metatable of the enUS one
If a query is sent while QA is scanning, it will ignore it and continue whatever the last query it needed was, fixes QA bugging out when other mods are being bad

Date:   Sun Dec 20 21:04:32 2009 -0800
Updated Ace3

Date:   Sat Dec 19 16:02:53 2009 -0800
Fixed error if mail target is reset while the timer is running
Fixed info popup showing if QA errored
Fixed remove/add items for groups not reloading correctly
Fixed new groups not being added to the configuration list
Improved mailer, if you run out of inventory from the looter but you have mail pending due to the auto sender, it will send out the pending mail then keep trying to loot. Let's you do things like mass mail herbs despite the fact that you may only have 5 slots open, rather than 12.


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