A customizable PROC monitor
Proczors is the next generation of the addon originally released as BloodSurge. Proczors is intended to alert the user of any predefined and custom spell ID's or spell names by a fully configurable visual and audible warning.

Proczors Description

  • Any Class
  • Proczors is a simple and small monitor for virtually ANY PROC
    1. Predefined spell ID's per class
    2. User defined spell ID's or spell names
  • Configurable in Blizz Panel
    1. Full Screen Flash (Fully Configurable)
    2. Playing of Sound (via AceGUI-3.0-SharedMediaWidgets)
    3. Print Warning in UIErrorFrame
    4. Relative Flashing Spell Icon
      • Icon Size
      • Icon X
      • Icon Y



Supported Translations

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Date created
Sep 29, 2010
Last updated
Oct 02, 2010