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English: You have no enabled text providers.
Validation error
Current Russian: Вы не имеете подключенных редакторов тегов.
Translated by Sigurdr Mar 21, 2009
Previous Russian: У вас нету включенных источников текста.
Translated by Eveigh Jan 06, 2009
English: Yes
[Aura] Aura Filter Editor Option
Current Russian: Да
Translated by korn3r Feb 11, 2009
English: You do not appear to have any addon installed that uses LibSharedMedia. If you want to select which sounds are used it is recommended that you install at least the 'SharedMedia' addon. (Don't install the 'LibSharedMedia' library yourself.)
[Totems] Guide
Current Russian: Похоже, что у вас не установлено ни одного аддона, использующего LibSharedMedia. Если желаете сменить используемый звук, установите по меньшей мере аддон SharedMedia (но не устанавливайте библиотеку LibSharedMedia вручную!)
Translated by ACidAGFC May 25, 2009
English: You have out-dated PitBull4 modules enabled that can cause errors. Please reload your UI to disable the addons for these modules.
No current translation for Russian
English: Yaaarrr
No current translation for Russian
  • 5 phrases found