PitBull Unit Frames 4.0



English: Which control to attach to.
Description of Attach to under indicators/texts in Layout editor
Current French: À quel contrôle le rattacher.
Translated by Marcopilon Mar 29, 2009
Previous French: À quel contrôle l'attacher.
Translated by Pettigrow Jan 07, 2009
English: Enter the unit to compare the caster of the aura against.
[Aura] Aura Filter Editor Option Description
Current French: Entrez l'unité avec laquelle comparer l'aura du lanceur de sort.
Translated by Marcopilon Jun 27, 2009
English: Caster
[Aura] Aura Filter Type
Current French: Lanceur de sorts
Translated by Marcopilon Jun 27, 2009
Previous French: Lanceur
Translated by ayanimea Jun 12, 2009