PitBull Unit Frames 4.0



Key: Elite_short
English: +
[LuaTexts]: ShortClassification
Current Spanish: +
Translated by kfran2 Jun 03, 2009
Key: Boss_short
English: b
[LuaTexts]: ShortClassification
Current Spanish: b
Translated by kfran2 Jun 03, 2009
English: Set how many frame levels auras are above the frame.
[Aura] Option Description.
Current Spanish: Establece cuantos niveles de marcos de aura están sobre el marco.
Translated by kfran2 Jun 06, 2009
English: Weapon enchants count
[Aura] Option Name
Current Spanish: Contador de Buffs de armas
Translated by kfran2 Sep 12, 2009
English: Weapon enchants time remaining
[Aura] Option Name
Current Spanish: Tiempo de Buffs de armas
Translated by kfran2 Sep 12, 2009
English: Type of test to check the caster by.
[Aura] Aura Filter Editor Option Description
Current Spanish: Tipo de test para comprobar el lanzador.
Translated by kfran2 Jun 16, 2009
English: Tooltip
Toggle for HappinessIcon and Layout-editor Strata Option.
Current Spanish: Tooltip
Translated by kfran2 May 19, 2010
English: Add aggro coloring to the unit frame.
[Banzai] Module Description.
Current Spanish: Añade coloreado según el Agro a PitBull4
Translated by kfran2 Aug 02, 2009
English: Display
[Aura] Tab name
Current Spanish: Pantalla (Display)
Translated by kfran2 Aug 11, 2009
English: Highlight: all friend debuffs
[Aura] Default Filter Name
Current Spanish: Debuffs Amistosos
Translated by kfran2 Aug 08, 2009