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19 - Implement "in combat", "mount unavailable", and "swimming" secure macro execution

The one feature that stops me switching over to your addon from LiteMount -- and I would love to, since it is much richer in all other ways -- is the absence of an "in combat" and "mount unavailable" macro. This is a feature of LiteMount, the mount addon I use.

In game I have the backquote key bound to trigger litemount "smart" mounting, which like yours, will pick an appropriate mount based on the region, flight conditions, etc, etc. This works great most of the time.

I also have it bound to execute two different macros that it provides:

In combat, it triggers my movement speed boosting power. For example, "Death's Advance" on my DK, or "Sprint" on my rogue. This is a secure macro, so I enter standard macro syntax into the addon, and it runs that off that keypress at runtime. (I don't know the innards, but you can obviously check out the other addon for how they implement it. ;)

Likewise, it triggers the same thing for locations where I can't mount up; into this bucket things like "turn my druid into a cat", "sprint on my rogue" and so forth fall: things that can let me move faster inside, but that I don't want in combat. The separation is useful, because I can shift my DK into unholy presence (and the inherent move speed boost it has) out of combat, but not in combat where it would be... bad.

Finally, it would be nice to be able to have a macro when swimming, or even better, a "set of items to use in order when not in combat". I have a handful of different swimming improvements -- a diving helmet, a jewel to give water breathing and swimming for 10 minutes, etc. Being able to macro those would be OK, since I could put the first one in and live with it. Being able to set a priority list for triggering them in the addon would be amazing! (Since we are not in combat, I think that you can do that smartly, but I am not certain.)

Anyway, those would turn this from "awesome mount tool" into "awesome movement tool", on a single button. Bam, killer app for me. ;)

1. Add a secure macro for "in combat" that I can put whatever movement speed boost I want into. (Also acceptable: you list my talents, etc, that boost movement speed and let me pick one or more to use.)
2. Add a macro or equivalent that lets me do the same movement thingy when inside. (Bonus points: be smart about bypassing things on cooldown if I have multiple. cough rouge cough)
3. Add a macro or equivalent that lets me use swim speed enhancing things (eg: druid form, pandaland rare object toys, potion of swim speed) when I am swimming, if it isn't an "underwater mount compatible" zone, or I only have the damn taunting seahorse.

If you would accept this, but don't have time to work on it, let me know; I have not done much lua programming, but my day job is ruby, and it can't be that different. (haha)

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  • Avatar of Shenton Shenton Nov 20, 2013 at 08:46 UTC - 0 likes

    Well, that's the plan. :)

    I will add movement speed for classes, and perhaps some others, as nitro boost or speed potions. I have to rethink my code here, as I want it to be smart and easy for me to add a new spell. ex: Add it to a table, and it will work instantly, plus adding itself to the options panel.

    Built in class movements are coming, soon. :p

    Then, I will add the ability to edit manually the macros. It will work as an override of the built in ones, so reverting back to normal will be easy for those who mess things up.

    For the swimming speed bonus by items, it is a good idea, adding it to my list.

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