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53 - Hide PvP icons (etc) when Castbar is up

There is no good way to do this currently. It requires redesigning one-or-other thing to accommodate it, like how the flash animation works, or moving icons to different draw layers.

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Morsker Aug 05, 2012 at 17:29 UTC Create

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    @Morsker: Go You can suppress showing of the icons by using self.NameFrame:DisableDrawLayer("OVERLAY") as long as all the icons are children of NameFrame, which I think they are. But the names are in there too, including the spell name. I don't like having the spell name in NameFrame instead of Castbar, but I needed it to be visible, and still fading out, after the Castbar hides itself. Maybe I should have replaced Castbar's OnUpdate handler with a different one for the end-cast flash animation, to keep Castbar from auto-hiding itself. Then the spell name wouldn't be in NameFrame, and hiding NameFrame's OVERLAY layer would get rid of the icons.

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Aug 05, 2012
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