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Supported WoW Versions

  • 4.3.4


    - layout player frame immediately, not on first update
    This is so resources can attach to StatsFrame, etc. It might be better
    to make the resources part of the player frame's Layout itself though.
    - fix talent-spec functions for 5.0
    - Initial layout shouldn't try a resize.
    This is because
    a) It can happen in combat, and generates ADDON_BLOCKED warnings when
       the resize fails, and
    b) The size needs to be correct anyway before calling Layout (again,
       in case it happens in combat), and if it's the wrong size, I don't
       want to obscure the bug by overwriting the value.
    - oUF 1.5.16 <-> 1.6 compatibility
    - partytarget
    - partypet
    - health format for 0%, 100%, etc.
    - fix use of math.round it's not standard
    - fix LayoutResource trying to use old-style defaults
    - frame movement smarter, especially moving the party frames
    - lazy initialization of frame elements; Layout waits till first update
    - fix right-click menus on party frames
    - stylePrototypes use real inheritance again
    - party frames size correctly when created in combat
    - separate resizing logic from layout logic
    - fix some elements not updating on profile change
    - fix embedded class icon on pets with no portrait
    - RaceFrame can attach to embedded level frame as a corner, not just Portrait
    - percents/tags can be toggled off
    - fix castbar options not disabling when the frame is disabled
    - npcRace attaches to PortraitFrame if available
    - blue names for unflagged player-controlled units, like pets
    - fix Layout making space for hidden power bars
    - ProfileChanged split to UpdateSettingsPointer / LoadSettings
    - take "scale" out of basicStyle; it's in the Core defaults
    - upvalues for Movable.lua globals
    - spark > shield > icon, in draw layers
    - castbar options & fine-grained initialization
    - castbar hides external bits correctly on target change
    - castbar flash and fade on success / failure
    - castbar spark & fine-tune colors. commenting out other features for now.
    - move pvpIcon options declarations; they're getting put at the end anyway
    - whitespace
    - skulls go in the same layer as the level text they substitute for
    - level goes in ARTWORK, so icons can cover it if they have to
    - cleanup whitespace
    - backdrops when moving frames go in DIALOG not TOOLTIP
    - disabling castbar by default for now
    - fix bad initialization of Shield texture, & give it +1 draw layer
    - should size & position should center on any icon now
    - $add a shield graphic for uninterruptible casts\n\nusing the in-game castbar shield, which is not as advertised--the shield graphic on wowprogramming is the standalone one, not a complete castbar frame
    - rename enableCastbar -> castbar
    - LayoutCastbar follows the pattern for multiple enable/disable
    - revert change of default backdrop; it should be gray125
    - fit the castbar inside NameBar
    - port over castbar layout function
    - add toggles for castbar\r\rwill adapt my work on the castbar from my spin on XPerl to this addon
    - cleanup, add commas at end of table lines for consistancy
    - merge style- and db-based settings
    - fallback logic for nil UnitClass / UnitReaction in name color
    - cleanup newlines, especially lack of newline at eof
    - disable / enable entire frames
    - rename black255_32px texture to black0_32px
    - fix image comment in black255_32px.xcf
    - scale can be changed in the options
    - remove Path/Override bloat from SimpleCombatFeedback
    - SimpleCombatFeedback uses Alpha animations for fade in/out
    - cleanup some comments and formatting
    - releaseFrame() should call ClearAllPoints before restoring the position
    - totems, eclipse, soul shards, dk runes, holy power
    - UI-StateIcon coords should be 0-64 not 0-63
    - cleanup unused return value
    - license info
    - flatten to a single frame level
    - remove unused auras code
    - new "thickborder" texture
    - config for gradients
    - ProfileChanged refreshes all layouts
    - gradients
    - Layout.ProfileChanged moved below upvalues, so it can update them
    - focus & focustarget
    - text formatting options for health & power
    - PvPSound, played when flagging for PvP
    - generic values for sound channel selection
    - SimpleCombatFeedback's parent is always NameFrame; this avoids overlaps by using NameFrame's FrameLevel, without having to reparent SimpleCombatFeedback in/out of portraits
    - NameFrame gets a higher FrameLevel, so Portrait (etc) don't cover its icons.
    - fix HealPrediction bar showing through health bar when no heals are incoming
    - unspecified SoundOnSelect channel defaults to SFX, not Master
    - fix HealPrediction disabling incorrectly
    - sound for unit selection / loss
    - combat feedback, a.k.a. "hit indicators"
    - changing some ?/and/or expressions to normal if/else logic, to avoid conflating false with nil
    - heal prediction
    - options dialog wide enough for 4 elements, with tabs at top
    - options group named after the addon, not just "Options"
    - add missing GLOBALS declarations
    - icon for combat/resting status
    - master looter icon
    - consolidated icon config generation
    - leader icon
    - options section for party
    - level 0 (it happens with offline party members) now displays as 0, not skull
    - pvpIcon and raidIcon use real points & offsets
    - "false" options should come first in selection boxes
    - options "order" generated, rather than handwritten
    - error on unknown UnitClass; more nameColor debugging
    - raid target icons
    - removing near/far options from pvpIcon
    - generic get/set for options that can be false
    - remove unused param from generic_get_style
    - error on unknown UnitReaction; trying to track down unspecified nameColor bug
    - player pet frame
    - "nested alpha" is now an option, not a special case of the player frame
    - option to left-justify names instead of always centering
    - Finer-grained configuration of font sizes.
    - fixed options table orders; some sections had identical orders
    - better default positions for the frames
    - removed level from targettarget
    - Fix assumption that all frames have LevelFrame. Level and LevelFrame initialization should be fully separate now.
    - cleanup trailing whitespace
    - cleanup trailing whitespace
    - Frames now size correctly to match the space used by their elements.
    - fix misspelled upvalue & comment for UnitIsPVP
    - remove debugging print statement
    - Adding framework for localizations.
    - cleanup comment & string formatting
    - oUF embed moved from oUF/ to libs/oUF/
    - Importing to Git.

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