189 - Feature Request: Seperated Events/Scrollareas for Hits & Crits

seems like parrot is the only uptodate scrollingbattletext addon leets me to request or may suggest some changes that makes parrot more and in my opinion better configureable

what i want is:

i want to utilize the whole width of my damn "wide-screen"
if i set up a scrollingarea in parrot using the "size" changer, the whole area scales but i dont want the text is shown higher it should only grow wider

i would be obliged if u can replace the Size changer by one width and one height changer,

i think it was enough to solve my wishes about parrot but,

above that u could add single events for autohit/style hits and crits like i seen in MikScrollingBattleText before,

so i can assign them to diffrent scroll areas and it also make it possible to change the eventmodificator-text for hits, i hope so..

i.E. in my german client i had setup a event-mod, it only show "[1066] (K)" instead of "Kritisch" but in that moment parrot mixes hit and crit outputs it shows i.E. "[3000] (1 Treffer, 1 Kritisch)" i want "[3000](1H,1K)" and plz near to my left and right vertical screen edges as i explained above

ym2c dare

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    event tab of msbt
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  • Avatar of Zhagat Zhagat Jan 23, 2011 at 02:13 UTC - 0 likes

    i did not thought that my suggestions mean to rewrite ur whole absolutely notable work by writing this addon..

    last hours is played a bit with both addons and come to the conclusion that:
    parrot with seperate weight and height sizechangers or just an "sticky-offset"-feature would be the best solution for me, because msbt is not so lightweight as parrot are, in config particularly..

    glad to hear about more configable abb's in the future.. i found this function during my testphase and setup all other events like cruschings(*) absorbs(-) and blocks(--) that's quite short enough for me,... so i could disclaim on rewriting the events-code xD

    roger that! future requests will be posted seperate for its own..
    but for now i am perfectly happy with Parrot!

  • Avatar of profalbert profalbert Jan 23, 2011 at 00:09 UTC - 0 likes

    OK. that's quite a bit. I thought about all your suggestions.

    • about the scroll-area-size:
      It seems doable and sounds reasonable, but it requires significant changes to the calculations in all animation-styles.
      I'll need some time for that.

    • auto-hit, style-hit, crit:
      Parrot already separates auto-hit and "style"-hit (-> skill damage). Crits are merged into the same event though. This is built-in quite deeply in parrot. So again, this would require a lot of changes throughout the source-code.

    However I'm not rejecting your idea. I will keep that in mind, when I redesign the Event-config as a whole.

    • abbrevating "Kritisch".
      I think what you are looking for is the option (Parrot->Events->Throttle Events->Short Texts).
      This will show texts like "1 treffer, 1 kritisch" as "1x, 1++". I'm planning to make the short versions ("x", "++") configurable in the future.

    Please create one issue for every feature-request. It makes it easier to track them, and allows me to tackle them one by one.

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