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Supported Game Versions

  • 3.2.0


* major changes to the Trigger-System
  + TriggerCondition now support multiple arguments
  + Most TriggerConditions can be used more than once
  + simplified the List of built-in conditions
* add Primary Trigger Conditions:
    + Incoming damage
    + Outgoing damage
* use ingame-translations for damage-types
* Fix the double-combo-point-issue (Ticket #41)
* add support for CombatEvents:
    + Pet skill interrupts
    + Outgoing Siege damage
* optimize the Cooldown-module to use much less CPU-time

* properly update scroll-area-choices when profile is changed

* fix locale-error

* Direction-choices in ScrollAreas-options now update properly

* remove Dependency of LibBabble-Class (and use built-in class-translations)
* add options for always hiding unit- and skill names (except Cooldowns)
* add secondary condition "Active talents"
* new Triggers' class-lists contain only one entry by default
    (the current player)

* add support for per-spell-filtering (by name or ID) (fixes Ticket #42)
* add support for per-spell-throttling
* add default-filters for Unleashed Rage, Ferocious Inspiration, and
    Abominable Might (fixes Ticket #16)
* Hide realm name in tags (fixes Ticket #83)
* allow spell-ids as parameters in aura-trigger-conditions
* add 2 triggers for Eclipse (Wrath and Starfire)
* add trigger for The Art of War
* add trigger for Kill shot
* add secondary conditions "Target minimum health" and "Target is player"
* add secondary condition "Lua function" to run custom lua-code for checks
* add more options for Cooldowns (treshold and filters)
* hide full overheals (but add option for making them visible again)
* show player's heals on pets only as incoming pet heal (Ticket #92)
* show correct icon when using "Wild Quiver" (Ticket #93)

* fix some issues with the Config when Ace3 is not installed seperatly

* fix new shared cooldowns of hunter traps
* remove windshock from shared cooldowns
* fix bugs in new ace-config (fixes Tickets #80 and #81)
* rewrite the db-import of default-triggers (uses a versioncheck now)
   This means default-triggers do not get recreated when deleting them.
* bugfixes in profile-switching
    profile-applying to submodules
    profile-copying and reseting

* use ace3 for config-stuff
* make profile-switching work again (by using AceDB-3.0)
    Note: The profile now defaults to your Character-profile instead of
    "Default". Try switching profiles to regain all saved settings.
* add Parrot to the Blizzard-Addon-Options
* add new Primary TriggerCondition: Successful Spell Cast (Ticket #65)
* add secondary Trigger Conditions (Minimum/Maximum Target Health Percent)
    (Ticket #55)
* add Dispel- and Spellsteal CombetEvents (Ticket #74)
* make Heals show properly in 3.2 (fixes Ticket #78)

* add support for throttling miss-events (avoids like parry, block, etc.)
* add "minimum power percent"-secondary trigger condition
* add secondary conditions for "in vehicle" and "mounted"

* make dot-crits show as sticky.
* fix optdeps.
* add Options to disable CombatEvents when in a raid-instance.
* add icon-override for mutilate.
* add support for AddonLoader (http://www.wowace.com/addons/addon-loader/).

* add Judgements to its own group, like shocks.
* remove blackout- and deathtrance-trigger from default-triggers.