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    I'm on 3.3.3a and using newest parrot. When i hit with muti (both weapons) it shows always only one hit (main hand - not both accumulated). Is it ment to be working with muti properly?

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    Please provide a combatlog. Although I doubt the issue is related to parrot.

    What filter-settings do you use?

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    Thanks for respond. Tell me how and i will provide combat log. Also i have question about other thing...what's that numbers near some dmg (like mutilate) "1" or "2x" - it can't be my muti dmg cos each hand strike differently.

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    I'm not talking about throttles (which cause output like ... 2x ...). Filters make sure any damage-event below a certain amount is filtered (not displayed at all).
    Check filter-settings: Parrot->Events->Filter events (Melee/skill damage, dots and hots)

    To make a combatlog do the following:
    * login and type /combatlog
    * use mutilate
    * type /combatlog again (to stop logging)
    * logout
    * copy <Your wow-directory>/Logs/WoWCombatLog.txt and _attach_ it here (please do not paste it)

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