How To Disable Specific Buff Gained?

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    Hi there! I am a bear tank and i got rather annoyed with "Savage Defense gained" spam in the center of my screen and it's the same thing with buff from arcane mages when i'm raiding in a cat form. Is at at possible to turn it off? I'd be very thankful if u help me with it!


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    You can add a spell-filter for that.

    Events->Spellfilters->New filter

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    @profalbert: Go

    I tried to, but what should i to make it work? do i need to write the name of the buff with spaces and that's it? I tried to do so in my version of the program(russian), but it didn't work :((

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    @deadbeatffs: Go

    Actually the name should suffice. However, you can also try to provide the spellId, which is 62600 for Savage Defense. If that does not work, do

    /dump GetSpellInfo(62600)

    and post your output here. The issue might also be related to Cyrillic symbols not handled properly.

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